Living My Best Life August 5, 2018 – Posted in: Lifestyle

The phrase ‘living my best life’ has become a bit of a mantra lately. You’ll find it on slogan t-shirts, accessories, stationery and in hashtags all over social media. But what does it really mean?

We all have aspirations in life, whether they are to become a CEO of a big company or simply to lose a little weight before the summer. To live your best life means you are using your full potential, hitting all your targets and making new aims along the way. If you are living your best life, YOU are the inspiration for a generation behind you, whether you know it or not. So how do you do it?

Strength and Courage

A strong mind and brave heart will get you far in life. Take risks and be prepared to fail, because without failure there is no growth and no lessons have been learned. The more you fail, the closer you come to success.


Even when others might doubt you, you need to know that you have all the tools you need to do well. Walk away from the negative vibes and carve your own path: you can do this!


Messy people might be more creative, but they also struggle to find the things they need to go far in life. Stay organised; you never want to be keeping someone hanging on the phone because you can’t find a pen! Even when out and about, you need to keep things neat, and having the right accessories can really help with this. Stylish, high-quality leather products with practical compartments, like our Hemingway backpack, will ensure you are always capable and in control. Choose strong, hard-wearing bags that will support you on your journey and never let you down, while also making you feel like a style guru.

But most importantly, living your best life comes from within. Whatever social media might say, you don’t have to be lying on a warm, sandy beach or partying till the early hours. You simply have to be living up to your full potential at all times and working on growing as a person. The right mindset, attitude, and passion for life will ensure your story is the very best it can be.