The story behind our Cashmere October 11, 2018 – Posted in: Cashmere, Lifestyle

Our Cashmere travel wraps are handmade in Nepal using the very finest Mongolian cashmere.

The cashmere goats live on the rugged grasslands of Mongolia where the cold climate can plummet to minus 30 degrees. This creates the perfect conditions for the goats to grow their soft insulating undercoats.

When seven long winter months end, the goats will begin to shed their soft undercoat. Following age-old traditions, the herders will comb out the soft fur by hand, gathering and sorting the finest cashmere hair. These are selected to create quality grade A cashmere. One goat produces only about 8 ounces of cashmere fiber a year, or enough for a scarf, which is why it is more expensive than other yarns.

The dying process

Dying Cashmere needs special skills as no two fibres dye the same way. Our cashmere is carefully dyed before it is spun into yarn to enrich the colour, making it vibrant whilst maintaining maximum softness. After the cashmere has been spun, it is ready to be knitted into a beautiful cashmere wrap.

We are proud to use sustainable cashmere. To avoid desertification from overgrazed fields, our farmers are encouraged to farm their goats in enclosed areas and feed them a rich feed to replace the grass. The goats are well looked after and only combed after the harsh winter, so they remain warm and cosy until the warmer weather kicks in.

What makes Cashmere so special?

The process of combing and selecting fibres, takes skill and effort, which gives great value to the yarn, but in our opinion, the softness rivals any other yarns. The finished garment is always beautifully soft, and will forever be chic and timeless. Our travel wraps are the perfect accessory for chilly evenings, or for using as a soft blanket on a cold plane. Being stylish is effortless when cashmere is involved. And if taken good care of, it will last for years, and remain a wardrobe staple.