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Care Guide for Your Aurumey Leather Goods

Thank you for choosing to shop with Aurumey. We promise to provide you with high-quality, unique and stylish leather goods that will stand the test of time, provided you care for them properly.

It is important to note that our products are coloured using a variety of different dyes and the final finish can vary depending on the shade of the leather that is being treated. This may mean that your product is a slightly different colour to the one shown online, making for a completely unique and special item every time.


Keep your Aurumey items dust-free and safe from spillages by storing them in a cloth bag. A protective plastic bag will not do the same job. Aside from the environmental issues, plastic does not allow the leather material to ‘breathe’ properly.
Keep your items out of direct sunlight or away from intense artificial light. Ensure your storage area is cool and dry and ensure any perfumes, cosmetics or toiletries are kept well out of the way to avoid accidental staining.


If your leather item should fall foul of dust, it is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not use any cleaning liquids on your product, as these could damage the genuine leather material. If you spill any oil-based liquids on the leather, use talcum powder to absorb it and limit the damage caused.
We advise against using chemicals such as scotch guard unless previously tested since they could have a negative effect on the material. If you wish to use a leather cream to refresh your product, test it on a small, hidden area first, checking for discolouration.
We recommend keeping your leather product away from all water sources, but if it does get wet for some reason, allow it to dry naturally since direct heat could stress the material.


When using our leather bags, be sure not to overfill with heavy items, since this will cause the bag to stretch irreversibly. It will also strain the stitching which could cause long-term damage.
Be aware that with regular use there is always a certain amount of wear and tear that occurs. This is normal. However, if you take care of your product, it will last much longer, although the typical ageing process does mean there will be a change of colour and character over the years. Embrace this unique quality, since it makes for a truly beautiful product.

Above all, enjoy your Aurumey leather and wear it with pride!

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